Animal Communication

The Trust Technique is enormously popular with clients and having a session is of great help in many different circumstances.

It combines animal communication and healing and recognises that humans and animals share feelings.

By using mindfulness, being in the Present Moment and sharing a feeling of peace with our animals we are creating a very different relationship with them; a relationship which leads to more trust and confidence.

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The Mindful Animal Healer...

Working to enable others to find peace of mind, for themselves, with their animals, and in the relationship between them.This is how true change and healing takes place...

Hello and welcome to Nancy Bottura's website The Mindful Animal Healer.
I specialise in Animal Communication and Animal Healing. I am an intuitive healer, Reiki Master, Spiritual healer and Trust Technique Practitioner: Mindfulness with Animals

I offer consultations in Oxford, Oxfordshire, Northants, Gloucestershire and surrounding regions.
ONLINE SESSIONS are also available for the Trust Technique which enables me to work with animals in any location around the UK (and across the world).

As an Animal Healer and Animal Communicator I can also work at a distance using a photograph of your animal.

I am happy to work with animals of any species, and am also greatly honoured to communicate with animals that have, sadly, died and are now in spirit.

Sessions help to resolve many issues and concerns both emotionally and physically.

I create a space for animals and their people which promotes healing, understanding and trust. I strongly believe that every animal, like every human, is an individual being in their own right with their unique qualities and ways of being. I am committed to helping people develop a closer connection and understanding with their animals, to build on the existing relationship they already have and help resolve any issues.

Promote healing, understanding and trust with mindfulness...

Nancy's work helped our cat release the stress and trauma I believe she may be carrying from the past, she has been much calmer and more relaxed since her session.


I asked Nancy to help with our dog Amber and why she sometimes behaves in the way she does. I found the Trust Technique fascinating, almost like magic! In relation to the present moment: I tend to live in the past and worry about the future. I found being in the present moment very pleasant. I could clearly see during my session with Nancy if I was not relaxed and present then Amber was not able to relax either. However once I was properly present Amber was as well - like a mirror.


I contacted Nancy regarding my dog who I have recently taken on from a rescue home, he is a lovely dog but often when we're out stops listening to me and goes off and does his own thing. Nancy came and gave us a Trust Technique session, I was completely amazed at how my dog responded, he became so relaxed and peaceful. I can see how he will be able to listen to me more if I keep doing this. I have enjoyed getting present with him since the session, it has also helped me to clear my mind of all the clutter that is often going around in it.



Fantastic, spot on, thank you!