Every living being has a life force, or energy, flowing through it...

Animal HealingWhat is healing?

Animal healing is a gentle and yet very effective treatment which animals respond naturally to and benefit greatly from. It is a complementary treatment and can therefore be used alongside any medication prescribed by your vet without creating harmful side affects.

There is a life force, or energy, which every living being has flowing through it, this has its own intelligence and naturally wishes to maintain health and balance.

Sometimes the flow of the life force is disrupted or blocked; accidents, shocks, trauma, illnesses can all have the effect of disrupting its flow, weakening or blocking it so that it is not able to recover by itself. When such a disruption or blockage occurs inwardly then it is likely that physical and emotional symptoms will manifest themselves and be seen outwardly.

For example: Your dog may have a skin condition or suffer from symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. A healer (or holistic practitioner) would see this as a manifestation or expression of a disruption in flow of the life force.
The healing energy flows to the affected part, raises the vibrationary level of the individual’s energy field, and helps it to break up and throw off any negative energy blocks so that balance is restored to the life-force and helps it to flow harmoniously again.

An individual doesn’t need to be ill to receive healing, the healing energy can help to strengthen the life force so that balance and a sense of well-being is maintained.

As a healer I act as a channel or vessel for the healing energy, allowing it to pass through me to the animal that I’m giving healing to.

I either give hands-on healing or send distant healing.  During home visits, when I am physically present, I usually place my hands on the animal so that energy flows through me to them. I have trained as both a Spiritual healer and Reiki Master;  with the many years experience I have had from doing this work I have found that my intuition guides me to where the animal needs, and would like, the healing energy.

Please note animal healing is a complementary therapy, it is important that you seek treatment from your vet if it is needed.
If a home visit is not possible, I send healing from a distance. I use a photograph of your animal so that attention and the healing energy can be focused on them.

How can healing help?

Animal Healing

  • Animal healing can be beneficial in helping a variety of physical complaints such as skin conditions, joint problems, arthritis, ear problems, digestive upsets and infections. As a complementary treatment can be used safely alongside any medication prescribed by your vet.
  • It can be helpful with emotional concerns such as grief, trauma and aggression. Animals can suffer from stress and healing can help them to feel more comfortable with themselves and in their surroundings.
  • It can be beneficial following an accident or shock and also give ease and comfort before and after surgery.
  • Animal healing can provide comfort when they are coming to the end of their lives and can help them to prepare to pass peacefully into spirit.
  • It can help to maintain a sense of balance and well-being.

As I used to work as a homeopath I am also able to give advice on using homeopathic remedies for your animals in certain situations and when appropriate.

Healing and the Trust Technique

...release and let go of physical pain and emotional trauma that we maybe holding onto...

Help your animals receive the healing they need by using the Trust Technique and Mindfulness:-

The Trust Technique is also a powerful healing tool, during a session as we create an environment to reduce the animals thinking levels they start to release and let go of any physical pain, trauma or things that are bothering them mentally or emotionally.

Our physical body always works naturally to heal and repair itself, from an holistic point of view the more peaceful our animal is in their mind the easier it will be for their body to heal itself and deal with any physical issues.

Each time you use the Trust Technique with your animals it is like giving them a mini healing session. Please contact me for more information if you would like to use this as a way of helping your animal.
Some clients whose animals have ongoing health issues and concerns have found using the Trust Technique very beneficial alongside any hands on healing treatment that l have given their animals

£50 per healing session for home visits in my local area (plus travel costs). Each session lasts approx one hour.

I usually recommend a minimum of three sessions initially, obviously the needs of each individual animal are different and more sessions maybe needed depending on their circumstances. I offer discount packages if healing is needed over a period of time.

£20 per healing session for distant healing with each individual animal using a photograph. Each session lasts approx 25mins.

Or £55 for the first three distant healing sessions (recommended).

If you would like to book a Trust Technique session,
which takes place at your home/yard these cost
£75 for an initial 1.5 hour session (plus travel costs)

Nancy's work helped our cat release the stress and trauma I believe she may be carrying from the past, she has been much calmer and more relaxed since her session.

Claire, KENT