Sharing peace of mind leads to more trust and confidence...

The Trust Technique recognises that humans and animals share feelings; we are reacting and responding to each other all the time. Animals are very sensitive and easily pick up on how we are feeling.

Also we often find ourselves in situations where we are reacting and responding in a particular and specific way, the same is true for our animals. They may keep encountering the same situation and respond with fear or anxiety for example.

Within these situations thinking levels are likely to be high, and the more we ( humans or animals) overthink the more emotions are created and worse the situation becomes, furthermore the human or animal keep reacting and responding to each other, a cycle of behaviour builds and escalates.

With the Trust Technique we are using mindfulness to share a feeling of peace or peace of mind with our animals; this reduces thinking levels and breaks the cycle of behaviour.

The Trust Technique

The Benefits of having a Trust Technique session:

The Trust Technique, Northants, Oxfordshire, Oxford, BuckinghamshireBy using mindfulness, being in the Present Moment, and sharing a feeling of peace with our animals we are able to create a very different relationship with them; a relationship which leads to more trust and confidence:

  • in the animal themselves
  • in their relationship with us – the more peaceful an animal is the more they are able to listen to us. By learning to create a more peaceful mindset to share with your animal you will start to react and respond to each other in a more peaceful way. This means that when you ask them to do something they will be able to hear you.
  • In the situation they are in; anyone, animal or human , when seeing the world through peaceful eyes will start to react and respond to things very differently than someone who is anxious and fearful for example. The more peaceful an animal is in a situation the more they are likely to start to respond differently, they will start to make different choices in their reaction and realise for themselves there is no need to keep reacting in the same way they have always done.

The Trust Technique is also a powerful healing tool as it helps the process of letting go and releasing on both a physical and emotional level.

There are many circumstances in which the Trust Technique can be of great benefit, please contact me if you have any further questions or whether you it can be of help for your particular situation.

The Trust TechniqueWhatever the reason for booking a Trust Technique consultation, the initial session includes:

  • coaching you how to find and stay in the Present Moment using simple and practical steps enabling you to find your Peace of Mind.
  • Learning how to share this powerful feeling of Peace that this mindful practice brings with your animal, helping them to find their Peace of Mind also, so that you are working together with them and at their pace.

As an animal communicator I can also share with you any information that I receive from your animal.

Although most clients book a session because they need help with their animals, they also find the session of great benefit for themselves personally.

The Trust Technique was developed by James French, here is a link to access and purchase the Messages of Trust videos at a very reasonable cost. They give further insights into the purpose and essence of the Trust Technique by James.


and here is a short introductory video to the Trust Technique by James

£75 for a 1.5 hour consultation.

Follow up sessions £60 for a 1 hour session.

Please do contact me for more information or to discuss how the Trust Technique can be of help in your particular situation. It is very often the case that more than one session will be needed, as an experienced Practitioner I will advise you about this during our initial conversation, my aim is to provide you and your animals with the help and support that you need in your individual circumstances. Most clients benefit greatly from having 4 to 6 sessions depending on their individual situation.


Online sessions are also available

Nancy's work helped our cat release the stress and trauma I believe she may be carrying from the past, she has been much calmer and more relaxed since her session.

Claire, KENT