By being present we can listen to our animals

Animal CommunicationIn an Animal Communication session I communicate with animals intuitively receiving and sending information in the form of pictures, feelings, sensations, thoughts and words. I am able to receive these impressions by establishing a connection with the mind, heart, spirit and soul of the animal I am communicating with. This connection is made possible when we are still and quiet inside, and perhaps more importantly have an open heart. It's a bit like being a radio transmitter where we need to be on the right frequency to receive the vibrations that are being sent. Animals are communicating with us all the time, it's just whether or not we can hear them.

As an Animal Communicator I listen to the animal so that I can understand them and how things are from their point of view. I am a channel, present to receive the information I receive, so that I can then pass it onto you.

There is something very powerful in, the quiet of, being present and listening with an open heart, so that the animal I am communicating with is heard and seen for the individual being that they are. It is also within this dialogue with them that healing and change can take place.

How is Animal Communication helpful ?

There are many benefits of an animal communication session:

  • Animal Communication provides the opportunity to understand more deeply how your animal companion sees, thinks and feels about things.
  • It provides a deeper understanding so that you can take steps to resolve any difficulties between you.
  • In resolving behavioural issues and emotional concerns such as fear, anxiety and grief. (A Trust Technique session may be of greater benefit in helping to resolve certain situations)
  • In gaining more understanding about physical issues.*
  • In helping animals who are approaching the end of their lives and are preparing to pass over.
  • Animal Communication sessions help animals whose situations and circumstances have recently changed, for example; moving home, yard, moving to live with a new guardian or experiencing the loss of a companion.
  • To connect with animals who have passed into spirit :– understandably it is a very sad time to lose a much loved animal friend who has been a companion and family member. As an Animal Communicator I am able to ask them any questions that you have for them, and also ask for any messages that they have for you as they move on their journey into the spirit world. Although they are not with us physically any longer it is still possible to feel a connection with them and that they are still present with us in our hearts.

Missing animals: Regrettably I am no longer able to provide this as a service.

*This is not intended as an alternative for veterinary treatment and you should always consult your vet if you are concerned about your animals health.

What happens during an Animal Communication session?

Animal Communication

  • Prior to the session I will ask you to send me a good quality photo of your animal, it needs to be one where I can see their eyes clearly and where only they are in the picture.
  • Similarly to healing, animal communication is all about working with energy so I don't need to be physically present in the same room as them to communicate. I spend up to an hour with each animal during each session.
  • Initially I will ask a few questions so that you can verify that I am communicating with your animal friend and then I'II ask the questions that you, their guardian, has sent.
  • It's always a good idea to have specific questions in mind, what you would particularly like attention to be focused on during the session.
  • After this I will contact you so that I can arrange a time to phone you (in the UK) so that I can give you the information I have received.

Please note: It is possible to gain a great deal of understanding about our animals from communicating with them and help you to take steps to resolve any problems that you may be having. However animals, like every living being, have free will and choice and if they genuinely don't want to change something then they won't.

To book a session

Send a good quality photo of the animal, one where both eyes are clearly visible (or for horses, birds and some other animals, depending on where their eyes are positioned, one eye clearly) and with only them present in the picture. This can be emailed or if that's not possible then by post (I can return pictures afterwards)


  • The animals name, age (if known), gender and how long they have been with you.
  • The questions you'd like to ask (up to 6)
  • Your payment; this confirms that you would like a session, please contact me to make arrangement for payment via paypal, direct bank transfer or you can send a cheque.


Please note once I have received your information and payment it is likely to take upto 2 weeks before I get back to you.

£55 per session using a photograph.

Alternatively if you would like to book a Trust Technique session,
which takes place at your home/yard these also cost
£75 (plus travel costs)

Please note that a Trust Technique session can also be of great benefit in helping to resolve behavioural and emotional concerns that you may be experiencing with your animal. It enables you to continue the work that I start with your animal during the session.

Many clients are now opting for this as a way to help them with their animals.

As an Animal Communicator I am happy to share with you whatever impressions and information I receive from your animal if you have a Trust Technique session.

Some clients are even finding that after a Trust Technique session they are quiet and still enough inside to start receiving information from their animals themselves, as well as gain a deeper sense of connection and understanding with them.

Please do contact me to see which session is best suited for you and your animal.

Nancy's work helped our cat release the stress and trauma I believe she may be carrying from the past, she has been much calmer and more relaxed since her session.

Claire, KENT