A Few More Words About The Trust Technique

The Trust Technique

A few more words about The Trust Technique.

I've been working with the Trust Technique for a few years now; as a Practitioner I can see the many benefits that it has for clients...both animal and human...in a variety of different circumstances and situations.

As well as the help that it offers, I continue to be touched by the experience of being in the present moment with an animal, it is a special experience.

Like others I enjoy the feeling of stillness and peace that comes from it, and the feeling of connection that I have with that animal. It feels like a connection from the heart where there is an unspoken understanding.

Even with my own animals, who I have a strong connection with anyway, sharing a feeling of peace with them does make the relationship between us feel different...a deeper connection with more understanding, there's a sense of being able to communicate with them in a different way, with feelings instead of words.

As with anything that involves feelings I find the best way to understand it completely is to experience it, which of course can be done through having a session.

Or, you can find out more about it by clicking this link to access some of James French's (founder of the Trust Technique) video's from his video course. (disclaimer: please note that the videos are intended for your personal use with your own animals, or the animals you are responsible for, only)